worship best

To get a glimpse of God or to understand this prayerful worship is this….You can know God from your knowledge of the bible…but it isn’t until you worship in the secret place of the most high that you can truly experience the mental, physical and emotional  connection with God.  This kind of worship and prayer along with the intense presence of the Holy Spirit allows us to have a very intimate relationship with God our Father.

This type of prayer is different from other kinds of prayer because it involves not only thinking and speaking to God, but you move into a very deep spiritual connection that allows you to feel Gods presence to the point that you forget about yourself and everything around you.  It’s just you and Him.  This kind of prayer makes you want to cry your heart out in love for God or you may want to lie out on the floor face down.    You may want to lie very still and be taken over by the Holy Spirit and be one with God.  You may feel like you’re in a trance and God is ministering to you and speaking to you.  He could give you a vision or give you a song that you know or one you never heard of before.  You will experience the Glory of God and during this time you will feel like nothing in the world can harm you.  You will feel extreme love from Him and very relaxed in your spiritman.

To pray and worship God this way you need to get ALONE with Him.  It would be great if nobody was home or you could be alone in a room.  This is a very special time…just with you and Him…nobody else.  Some people may feel uncomfortable praying this way and I can understand that.  But this relationship supersedes all other relationships and if one can be intimate with their husband…this relationship truly surpasses it.  This is our God the Supreme Being in the universe, creator of everything and ruler over all and He is so in love with me and you!  We just don’t get the majesty of Him but we do get a small glimpse and supernatural experiences when we get into our secret prayer closet.

So why am I telling you all this very personal stuff?  Because I want you to experience God like I have.  I’m not special…I just love God so so so much and I open myself up and let go and let God have His way with me.  I told God a long time ago that I want to know and experience everything thing that a human being can experience with Him.  There use to be a TV commercial for a bath water softener that said” Calgon… take me away”.  I’ve said that to the Lord….” Lord… take me away!”  Tell me everything and show me everything about yourself.

 This life….our world….our existence is….ALL ABOUT HIM!!!!  HE IS EVERYTHING!!!  WE OWE HIM EVERYTHING!!!!  None of this stuff down here on earth is as important as He is!!!  We just don’t always remember or can’t grasp the fact that this is not our home…we are passing through on our way to the greatest thing that will ever happen to us….eternal life with our God!!!!

Just thinking about all God is and what He’s done for us makes me want to cry out from depths of my heart…”I love you God!!!”  Thank you Jesus!!!  We can’t even thank Him enough….all we can do is cry out our love and appreciation.  We need to live our lives for Him so that we can bring glory to His Holy name.

I want to worship God in the deepest way I can.  The more I worship God the less afraid I feel about getting through this difficult journey of life.  I’m feeling this message very deeply.  I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to write this message today.  I am stepping out on a limb with this message because it’s extremely personal but I feel led to give it.  The cure and the answer for the Church…which is you and I is to love God very deeply.   We should humble ourselves….. worship the Lord….and love Him from deep inside our heart.  Stop all the busyness.  All the running all over the place…get off that cell phone….turn off the TV sometimes….cut back on all the extra activities and get to the secret place and worship the Lord your God.  Time is running out.  Catastrophes are happening so fast and furious that nobody is promised 1 more day of life.  We must seek God and get others to seek God with all their heart.

This Supernatural Being is our God and Father.  We should …in our mind and heart…be on our face before Him bowed down in a very humbled position because… who are we really?  We are His humbled servants and this is what we will be doing in heaven.  Every knee will bow to God… but who is willing to do it now….when this act of humility will impress God the most because we have never seen His face but we believe everything about Him.  Oh people of God…..let’s worship Him now.

In the days to come….I feel God will be giving me messages for this season in human history.  We all see the signs and we all sense that something is going on.  All eyes should be on God.  We should all be looking to the Hills.  I feel urgency in my spirit today unlike I’ve never felt before.  Oh Lord…my God….I do so worship you!  I bow before you and give you all the honor and praise that you deserve.

 “Lord…help us to see the seriousness of the times and help us to know how much we need to worship you.  Holy Spirit help us in our worship of God.  Help us to have a humble servants heart and attitude.  Help us to completely let go in our secret prayer closet and get into that place of deep worship.  Thank you for all you’ve done and will do for us….in Jesus name …Amen”

God rewards those who diligently seek him or in other words…..sincerely or earnestly look for Him!