Psalms 119:71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.

I am so grateful to God for not spoiling me.  I’m very thankful for the hard lessons that were tailor made for me to bring me to the place in Him I’m at today.  I’m glad for the lessons He will enact when I need them in the future.  It is all for my good.

Some may think God is mean, harsh, and unfair.  They get mad at Him and say all manner of negative things about Him, but I tell you we  should all be happy about the lessons if we knew or understood the motives behind them.

Ask anybody….I was tough on my 6 kids…they say I held no prisoners.  I made my kids listen and when they really went off the track they were disciplined.  They didn’t like it at all….but they all grew up to be wonderful adults.  I did what I had to do because I love them so much and I knew they would never learn good morals,  be honest,  have integrity and  most important the fear of God had I not afflicted them at some point with my mother ways.  It was for their good!  I was firm, consistent and loving.

One of the best examples of this lesson was a man my husband and I were honored to know.  His name was Rev. Irving and he has since gone home to be with the Lord.  He spoke about his lesson very publicly so that’s why I can share it.  He said He went to seminary and got his education and thought he had arrived. He was married, had a great life,  preached in a big church and all…..but……he said he was a proud man.

One day he had a major stroke that left him paralyzed on one side and he was very sick for a long time.  He lost everything…job, family, church, his health….everything except his life and his mind.  God spoke to him and told him why He had allowed this dreadful thing to happen to him ….. God said it was his pride.  He repented and God did allow Him to preach again but it was much different.  He was so humbled and went from church to church for years telling his story. He had one of the most powerful ministries……..even though his whole right side was still paralyzed and he had to use a cane to walk……and even though his speech was so slurred and he stuttered so badly that he could only get a few words out at a time..…he still preached.  It was painful to see him struggle to speak, but when he would praise the Lord it was very powerful.  We all understood what he was saying and the joy he now had.

Now God doesn’t give everybody the same lessons or afflictions.  Some of us need mild prodding while others need a big shove, but no matter the lesson or affliction it is for our good.  That’s why when we pray for others and we pray for ourselves we need to know how to pray for the situation.  This is where the Holy Spirit comes in and teaches us, guides us, and points us in the right direction.  He will lead us to a scripture or reveal to us what is in our hearts and we will get an understanding about our affliction.  It may be that we indeed need to repent, it might be a big attack of the enemy or we might just have something that normally may happen to us.  If the affliction is because of correction it is good and you will learn from the discipline, the bible says so.

Psalm 119:67 Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.

Message for today: Know your bible and obey the word….maybe you’ll have less test.