Revelation 22:21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.

The Lord wants me to share with you about the wonderful grace of our Holy God. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to share the very last verse in the whole bible which is above.

After inspiring and authorizing God’s living message to all of us…. the very last thing He talked about is His church and His grace being with us all. If I tried to explain all the aspects of God’s Grace I won’t have a blog….I would have written a book. So as I always say…do a bible study yourself about the grace of our God.

Asked for Healing Given Grace -Book

These are my thoughts about God’s grace. We all know we don’t deserve God’s grace and that grace is one of the  atributes of God. God’s grace means so much more to me at this time of my life. When I first became a committed Christian…..I didn’t understand about God’s grace. My mother in law, before she went home to be with the Lord, had given me a book called…Asked for healing given grace. I asked her how she dealt with being so sick for so long and she just handed me that book. I was like…how is this book going to help me?… I put it in a draw and there it stayed for years. I myself had been sick for many years. A day came when I got cancer on top of the other illnesses. I  just happened to find that book( well you know with God it’s never just happened, it was His perfect timing). It was like brand new because I had never read it.

When I read the book….I cried and for the first time in my life I began to understand about God grace and how much He loves us and keeps us when we are going through difficult things. I read that book over and over, underlined things and meditated on it.

Over the years I have been on a journey to understand, know, depend on, look for and live off of the grace of God. God’s grace has saved me, saved my life, my very soul. It is one of God’s attributes that I suck right out of God…..His grace and His Love…..He gives it to me and I try to pull as much of it out of Him that my little human self can get out of Him. I need it like a drug addict needs drugs. ( like it’s the only analogy I could up with…I know…right?)

The bible says grace and mercy will follow us…..I turned around and just grabbed on to it every day. Sometimes all day long. I NEED IT!!! I need help…..I need for MY FATHER…..who is the God of the universe to be there for me….and I tell you from my personal experience with Him……God HAS NEVER EVER LET ME DOWN!!!…NOT EVER!!! So what 4 of my kids were in intensive care at birth, so what I had breast cancer and a mastectomy, so what I had a hysterectomy, so what I found out I have a very rare disease and have been through too much more to list out…so what! You know why so what?…….Because in looking back God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and a host of God’s angels were with me every second and They helped me to get THROUGH IT ALL!! Not only get through it but get the victory and I can still…….(Now really listen here) I can still…Give God all the praise and glory….and I love Him so so much….even after all I’ve been through and all I’m going through!!

2 Corinthians But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

THE GRACE OF GOD IS SUFFCIENT! It is more than enough to meet the need of salvation, protection and nurturing of all human life. My

kaleidoscope visual image

A kaleidoscope

observation about the grace of God is that it is like  looking through a kaleidoscope and every time you turn it…it gets more and more beautiful and never ending. In my mind…. God’s grace keeps evolving into a deeper understanding of it and it unfolds into God’s sustaining abilities pertaining to my life.

We can look back and see all the times God was there for us and His other children and we can hardly believe all the many blessings even through very difficult circumstances and these blessings of grace never stop. Oh that amazing grace!

My teen years

It reminds me of a song I sang as a teenager by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell:

I underlined all the words I feel God is saying to me and the rest is what I’m saying to Him( yes…I know it’s a secular song….but come on God used a donkey to speak for Him…(Open mind here 🙂 Please).

You’re All I Need to Get By:

You’re all I need to get by.
Like the sweet morning dew, I took one look at you,
And it was plain to see,
you were my destiny. With my arms open wide,
I threw away my pride
I’ll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You’ll be there to push me up the hill”
There’s no, no looking back for us
We got love sure ‘nough, that’s enough
You’re all, You’re All I need to get by.

You’re all I need to get by.
Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I’ll do my best,
Stand by you like a tree, dare anybody to try and move me
Darling in you I found
Strength where I was torn down
Don’t know what’s in store but together we can open any door
Just to do what’s good for you and inspire you a little higher
I know you can make a man out of a soul that didn’t have a goal
Cause we, we got the right foundation and with love and determination
You’re all, you’re all I want to strive for and do a little more
You’re all, all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one
You’re all, You’re all I need to get by.

Message for today: God is all we need….His grace…not just to get by ….but to have a happy, peaceful, blessed, abundant, prosperous and victorious life. His grace truly is…..sufficient.

Revelation 22:21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.