A Very Merry Heart

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine………

Ok…so I’m going there…..something a little controversial because there are few scriptures in the bible of God laughing. This is one where God was laughing at foolishness (Psalm 2:4). Well hey… foolishness is a good thing for Him to laugh at…as long as God is not laughing about my foolishness.

As the scripture above says that a merry heart is good…does that mean that God cracks jokes and falls off His throne in side-splitting laughter? Well He may do that I don’t know. Personally I don’t think He does….but we really don’t know all that God does or doesn’t do.

I’m sure…well not that sure…Jesus laughed when He was here on earth.  I’m assuming this because He was human and there are scriptures in the bible of Jesus showing emotions like crying and anger to name a few… so I’m guessing here…Jesus laughed.

Jesus must have laughed…He was human

I can tell you in God dealing with me…He does have a sense of humor. I’m sure I have made Him laugh (You know this goes for you too) many times. I will tell you a few things that happened to me.

One day many years ago I was really sad and I was driving in my car down a main road. Tears were just pouring down my face and I was feeling really bad about something that had happened. I was driving a hoopty….for those who don’t know what that is… it’s a…jalopy, wreck, and old worn out car. This car only had 2 radio stations and I was listening to one of the 2 stations.   In the midst of my tears… a song came on the radio:

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you

I couldn’t believe that song came on the radio at that moment. Then God spoke to me and told me to stop crying…that everything will be alright. I nearly drove off the road LOL!

I’ve had many little funny lesson like that from the Lord but this one is my funniest(well to me that is).

About 2 years ago I started to refer to God as a being. Not all the time but sometimes in talking about Him and praying to Him. You see I’m a big Star Trek, Star Wars,and ET fan….I love science fiction. So one day I was praying and God was talking back to me and at the end of His speaking to me He said… “from your Father…. the being“. I was laughing so hard….I felt in my heart God was laughing too. (It was a Father God and daughter moment)….I’ve stopped call Him a Being when I speak to Him Now. I still write that He is one….but no more saying it out loud!. I don’t need Him referring to me as….you human….I like… my precious daughter… coming from Him

In my 24 years of being a Christian, I’ve only had one experience with laughing in the spirit. I was in a prayer meeting the first year I became a committed Christian and another woman and I were so happy in the Lord that we started laughing. We laughed all the way to our cars. I believe this is not an everyday experience and this woman and I were being healed in our spirit. I’ve never felt Gods presence with such joy and laughter since that day in that special way. Does God want us happy?…..Yup He really does!

Does God laugh?….I think so….but how much, how loud, and at what is one of those mysteries that we’ll know when we get up there. He’s probably laughing right now in reading this…..saying…”that Tanya is always up to something…..a being? LOL!”

Message for today: Does God laugh? I really don’t know…..but….It’s wiser…. to not try to get a laugh out of God but to seek His blessings instead. God doesn’t need us to be Sinbad, Henry Cho or Steve Martin……But…Be Holy because God is Holy.

P.S.- If you are a Christian comedian….by all means…get folks laughing…it’s a gift God gave you!