Oh how I thank you for bringing me through another year of my life. Lord there has been some scary moments and some really happy ones too. One of those great moments is playing with my only Grandchild 2 year old Olivia. What a gift from you…thank you!

Lord…I thank you so much that I’m your child because you were so there for me this year. As I concentrated on keeping my mind on you…you gave me so much peace and I can’t forget about all the grace…wow! Everyday mercy was there to greet me in the morning. Your faithfulness was overwhelming to me. I never would have made it…without you!


Lord the greatest lesson I have learned this year is…..to keep my mind on you. When I started writing this blog in May 2011…I didn’t know that talking with you so much and having to dig into your word would have such an effect on me. I’m more focused, less stressed and even when troubles came my way it was easier to just cast my burdens on you and trust that you would be there for me and you were.

Lord this year you called for my mom to take up residence in your home. You’ve given me and my family so much comfort. We have so much peace knowing that she’s with you.

Father God…I saw so many miracles this year that you have done in my life and in the lives of others. I have shared your miracles publicly because I want you to get all the glory. I want others to see that you indeed take care of your children.

I’m so glad that you are not a far away God…that you are a ….right here God. You are here with me and I feel your presence. That presence was here for the whole 365 days of this year. You did not miss a single day, minute or a second of my life. I was totally covered. Remember that near miss from a serious car accident and I yelled out “JESUS!”…yeah…that was a close one…but those angels Lord…they were on the job. Thank you!

How could I ever live my life without you? I need you! I’m soooo glad that you will NEVER leave me or forsake me! I think about that all the time.

God… this is the last day of the year and I just want to express all my thanks to you for bringing me through another year. Thank you for being so faithful to me. You said you would and you did. With the big lesson I learned this year… to keep my eyes on you..to abide in you…to be in constant communication with you…I’m going to keep this up and improve on it.   I’m going to stick to you like glue….me and you…you and me.

My big request are these three things for myself:

1. I’m asking you for wisdom.
2. Also for Boldness to witness even more
3. And to be more merciful, giving and loving like Jesus

My 3 big requests for others:

1. I pray for all the missionaries and persecuted Christians
2. For people to know and love Jesus
3. I pray for families and especially the children

There is so much more to pray about Lord…but you know I’ll be talking to you about it throughout the year.
So God… as the curtain is falling on this year…again…thank you for all you’ve done for me and I am going to put my trust in you ….in fact…I’m going to cast everything over to you right now.

From your daughter,


I ask all these prayer request in the name of your precious Son who without Him my eternal life would not be possible….Jesus!