This year to come is going to be a real blessing for many and it will also have hills to climb for many. I‘m not one to scare anybody or cause mass hysteria…but I think everyone has figured out by now that things are very difficult in this world right now. As 2011 in about to be no more 2012 might bring questions about the new year and some might want to party hardy and not take time to consider what this year might bring.

I have a word that I feel in my heart for 2012….and that word is…POWERFUL. I feel very powerful things are going to go on in 2012. Several of my blogs have spoken about what God is doing and you will have to refer to them to know what was said.
What do I mean by…powerful? Well I can’t predict the future only God knows exactly what’s going to happen….but I believe there will be a lot of demands on people and their future. Demands on our lives, our health, our wealth, our country, our family, our community, our children, our government, just about everything. I’m not telling you anything that you are not already thinking about.

BUT I tell you that there is help available for everything that could happen in 2012.

Is anybody thinking about God and His abilities? If you read through my blogs and many of my fellow Christian bloggers blogs… you will see the answers to so much prayer….so many stories of victory….so many honest revelations of things we all have been through. In my blogs I tell stories of Gods ability to heal provide and protect. In the bible…which should be your main source of strength… is everything you will need to live on for 2012.

Tonight when the clock strikes 12 (or you can start praying now)…ask the Lord to take care of you in this New Year. Partying is nice…but when you need help during this year… partyin ain’t gonna do nothin’ for ya’…but prayer to God in Jesus name will do wonders.


My heart goes out to you….I understand because I’m one of those people who are going through. Sometimes it’s hard to see that ball drop because we barely made it through 2011 and now another year is breathing down our necks with a trail of difficulties right there.
I tell you…I can face the New Year because of who I have to face it with. Because of Jesus Christ…I CAN FACE TOMORROW…..Can I get an Amen?…I CAN FACE TOMORROWbecause Jesus Christ will carry me over the threshold of 2011 into 2012….and He won’t drop the ball…or me!! Jesus is carrying me! I’m safe in His arms. That’s why I’m not worried about facing the New Year. If you have Jesus Christ in your life…and are committed to Him you CAN expect His help. It might come in the form of a miracle or He may give you a lot of grace to see you through…but I tell you….you will NEVER walk alone!!

This year if you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior….Pray and trust the Lord like you never trusted Him like that before. Believe what God can do…Believe the word of God. Make this the year that your goal is to get to know God more! Abide in Him and let Him abide in you. Just a closer walk…daily walking… Walk and talk…with God.
If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior….I’m going to get down on my knees right now and beg you to….consider making Jesus you Savior today. Please be sorry for the bad things you do and ask Jesus to forgive . Ask Him to take control of your life…your heart…your soul. Tomorrow is not promised to you but you have an opportunity to enter this New Year with a brand new life. You can become a Christian and be born again into the family of God and if anything ever happens to you (eventually it will because we all were born and we’re all going to die)…you won’t have to worry because you will be happy with God forever.

This year will be powerful and you will need support…wouldn’t it be nice to start this year out with becoming a child of the most powerful being in the entire universe….Please call on God tonight…come on…talk to God right after you read this blog and tell Him you’re ready…I already talked to Him about you and He’s waiting right now. Write me in the sidebar..God bless you!
I know this is a heavy blog today but I want good things for everyone for this New Year and I know that only God can bless you and I want you to have all His wonderful blessings. God is the King of King and the Lord of Lord and He alone is worthy of all the praise!

May the Lord bless everyone who reads this blog for 2012.  Lord keep them in your loving care.  Encourage them and give them peace.  May your gift of amazing grace cover them and keep them strong in heart.  Give them courage and be merciful to them.  Most of all let them feel your love. In Jesus name…Amen!