The devil is out trying to mess with every Christians head today.  He is causing mass fear and doubt in people’s minds.  As soon as they wake up in the Morning he assails them with all the negative things they are going to face in their day and through the week.  When they leave their houses he goes on the prowl to try to consume them which can destroy their confidence in God which in turn will make them useless ineffective Christians.

Many of these Christians are prayed up and bible savvy so he can’t get at them but the others who aren’t prepared for the attacks get pounced on and walk around the streets all bloodied.  Non-Christians look at them and are turned off to their God and the devil has succeeded in his effort to takeover of this nation and the world.

The Christian community should be on the watch for this assailant whose description has been described as being a red male about 6 feet tall and is said to carrying a pitch fork…but others say he’s invisible to the eye and has the ability to penetrate people’s mind and affect their thinking.  There’s a contract hit out for Him that was taken out about 2,000 years ago by a man named Jesus Christ.

Everyone is asked to be on the lookout and protect yourselves and your family with prayer from this assailant.  If you have seen this person you are asked to call on this number 611 from Ephesians:

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

We now return you back to your regularly scheduled programing….your everyday life.  Have a blessed day!