I feel the Lord speaking to me very strongly.  He is telling me to tell everyone about being filled His Holy Spirit.  I believe the Lord is about to do something very big.  Many people are praying for a revival…but we need to be open fully to God’s Holy Spirit.   Since it is Their power (Father Son and Holy Spirit) that we are seeking for this revival.  We should have our hands out and cupped…ready to receive from the Lord.

We need the Holy Spirit…we need an outpouring.  We need to educate ourselves about the Holy Spirit through God’s word and have an expectant heart.

The Holy Spirit is powerful!!!  I need more of Him You need more of Him! 

God is making this very clear to me to share……we need the Holy Spirit!  We need Him today!

Please…seek an outpouring of Gods Holy Spirit.  Those who have ears listen to what the Spirit is saying.

Come Holy Spirit…Come…Come…Come…Come…Come…………….