The seasons change and it can be great or it can be sad for me. I love the fall but it makes me sad sometimes. When the leaves start to fall I think of how many things I wanted to do during the summer and my health didn’t allow me to accomplish most things. I say to myself…I wish I could stop the leaves from falling….I wish I could stop time.

Then winter passes and the spring comes. The flowers start to grow…. I see the new beginnings and I’m hopeful all over again and I think….this summer is going to be the best. I put my summer in God’s hands and my hope in God is very high. I will pray… wait on the Lord and see what God’s plans are for me. Oh I can smell the flowers now and feel the sun on my back!! I think I may be going on a trip too!!  Oh Lord hear my prayer and give me the desire of my heart….In Jesus name.

Ecclesiastics 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

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