Job 2:10 He replied, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” In all this, Job did not sin in what he said. (Love God no matter what…through the good and the bad! Job knew who God is! This was the secret of Jobs success!)

James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, ( God is doing more for us than you can imagine in these trials we go through and the outcome of them will be a blessing to us now and in our future. Paul figured this out and it served him well throughout his difficult life.)

Loving God and knowing God are both very important. We need to love God and recognize all that He’s done for us…but we also need to know who God is and love Him just because of who He is…period…with no strings attached to this.

I want to share with you today something that people who follow my blog know about me….and that is that I love the Lord so very much! Now… I didn’t get a large sum of unexpected money nor have I had a really huge miracle happen this week. In fact I have really big challenges facing me… as well as daily health issues. In spite of all of this…I love God ever so much!!

How can it to be possible to love God so much even though life is a challenge? How can people love God even in the midst of a horrific situation? The answer is….we should love Him for who He is and not only love Him more just when He does something for us. We should  love God….JUST BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS!  That’s it!  No other reason are nessasary.  This is a very hard concept to follow because we don’t always understand why God allows things to happen in our lives. We want answers and we can’t see past our pain and trust Him. It goes against human nature. This is why we need to know Him just because He is God!

When I’m going through a very difficult trial… I don’t get upset with Him as much anymore because my love for Him is based on who He is and not only on what He does for me. In this way my blessings keep flowing and my relationship stays hopeful and solid in the Lord. This principle that I have adopted into my life has not come easy…it’s been through years of going through many trials and God teaching me that He will never leave me or forsake me. I’ve gone through years of God teaching me His long-suffering techniques under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I know that getting upset with God does nothing but hurt my relationship with Him.

I love God…because I know He has my best interest at heart and His motives are pure and perfect. I love God because He has forgiven me and He’s made me His very own child. I love God because of all the grace and mercy He sends me every single day. I love God because of the relationship that I have developed with Him resulting from our constant interaction with each other.

I love God because He sent His only Son to come down here to rescue me because I would have been lost forever. I love God because He will change me into a glorified being and He will never let me suffer anything ever again and He’s prepared a place for me to spend all of eternity.

These are reasons why I love God that has been has been growing in my heart over many years but the main reason that has developed in me is to love and worship God is because of who He is…He is God. As humans…love grows and develops within us….but when it comes to God…we should be very secure on knowing who we are in Christ and who God is to us and in us. This is revealed to us in the bible and by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus disciple Paul suffered many terrible things during His ministry but He kept serving the Lord and loving Him despite His suffering. Why?…because Paul loved God because He experienced His forgiveness and all that He had done for Paul but Paul’s main reason was… He knew that God is the most Holy Supreme Being in the entire universe who has all power and authority in His hands and everything with him will be excellent in His life no matter what! Paul knew that if he lived… he is covered by God’s amazing grace and if he died… he would be with the Lord in total perfection, serenity and love.

Message for today: Do you feel this total confidence in God? Do you really know Him…who He is? It’s very important for a Christian to know who God is and love Him just because of….who He is.

Love God surely…..But also KNOW God truly!

P.S. – This blog started out as a short paragraph two days ago and has grown. I felt the Lord working on me and guiding me in a special way that I have not experienced in writing my blog before. Amen and Amen.