When my kids were little, they would love to jump on me and cling to me.  I really loved for them to do that.  They also did that when they were really scared and you could’nt pry them off of me.

Today I feel like I’m doing that to God.  I feel like I have jumped into His arms and I have my legs wrapped around His waist and my arms are wrapped around His neck really tight.  Big as my butt is… I’m sure God is telling me to go on a long fast LOL!

Seriously…I feel like clinging really tight to my Father in Heaven.  I need Him really bad… in an up close and personal way!  I need to feel His heart beat and feel His breath.  I need to hear His lips whisper to me that everything is going to be alright.  When I was singing my song that I posted yesterday…I felt Him.  Can you tell as you watched the video?

Most of the time… I can feel Him so close and sometimes… I just have to jump into His arms.  He lets me!!  How do I know He care for me so?  Well this scripture tells me so: Psalms 103:13  As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; 

Also I know that I have my Fathers Holy Spirit in me and He helps me to interact with my Abba Father in this way.

So… tonight as I writing this note for my blog…I’m doing it…from my Father’s arms.

Message for today:  Need encouragement and to feel secure…get in your Father’s arms.

I am not ashamed to get right up into my Father God’s arms. I need to see myself doing this!! God loves me and He loves you too!!!