Jesus…the Rose of Sharon will answer you when you call…if you ABIDE IN HIM John 15:7



I will be singing this song in church this evening and the words were hard for me to get so I rewrote some words and added new verses.  Sing these with the original melody and I pray you will be encouraged today.  God bless you!



                                                                                                           Abide with me


Abide with me, as nighttime fills the skies

I feel alone Lord, with me please abide

When others fail me, and comfort flees

You are my help o Lord, abide with me


Life is so hard; I need thee every day

This world grows dim; its beauty‘s fading away

Change and decay is all around I see

O God you never change, abide with me


I’ve learned to trust, in your abilities

I trust your word to have its work in me

When the enemy attacks me, he will have to flee

I know I’m strong because, you abide with me


I know I need to, humble myself and to pray

I need to live Christ, each and every day

You’ll never forsake me, for all eternity

You’ll grant my prayer request, if I abide with thee!


I’ve learn to trust you every single day

Your word has power, with it I will pray

With help from your Spirit, I’ll hide myself in thee

I know He’ll remind me this; “abide with me”


Words update by Tanya Nemley