new year prayer



You may have surfed into this blog today by chance but I know God wants me to personally pray for your needs.  Anything that I may have left out you can add at the end.  Let’s agree together for your blessings for this brand new year.  I know God will hear our prayer and I KNOW HE will answer

Heavenly Father,

I’m praying for this person reading this blog right now….Lord I know this past year has been one filled with all kinds of challenges for them and their loved ones and I thank you so much for getting them through everything.  Thank you God for the shelter they had, any money they received to live on, the health they had, and everything they may have overlooked or forgotten to thank you for. 

Lord…for this new year that begins tonight, I ask you to bless them throughout this year and in every way.  Please heal their body of any infirmity that they may have and/or any brewing in secret.  I ask you to protect their finances and if they need a job, a better job or help on the job… please answer this prayer.  Protect their home and everything they own.

God please help negative thoughts and thoughts of fear, doom or gloom.  Let them understand that you are there for them and your grace is always available to them.

Lord I ask you to keep them safe from the devils laid out plans for their life and block any evil works aimed towards them.

I pray for them and their whole family…protect them.   I pray that they will not only feel your love, but even when they don’t sense your presence…that they will know you’re there because you said that you will never leave us or forsake us.

I pray that your love will so fill their lives that they will be so overwhelmed…that they will share the light of Jesus where ever they go.  Fill them Lord…to a total overflow in their spirit.  Lord you know where they are at spiritually and where they need to be in you.  Please gently guide them in your ways.  I pray that they will be in your will throughout this year and manifest all the fruits of the spirit in their lives.

May they carry the joy of their eternal life that they will have with you one day in their heart, so they will have the courage to endure anything in this New Year. 

Thank you for everything in advance because I know you will be there for them.  I know how much you love them.  I ask this entire prayer request in the name of your Son Jesus. Amen

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