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It’s not for you.

It’s not for you.!

 This is for those who “DO NOT” believe in…Jesus Christ.   Last year…many people lost their lives….SUDDENLY!  There were many devastating tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, fires, floods, train wrecks, airplane crashes, car crashes, murders, bus crashes, disasters and terrorist attacks.  One minute people are there…the next second…poof!  They’re gone.  There was no time to think about anything.

The name of Jesus Christ brings about a variety of responses from people.   Some people think that Jesus Christ was the greatest person and some people get really mad at hearing that name.  Some people think He was just a great guy, teacher or a prophet.

Jesus has given me something so great that I just can’t contain myself.  I’m so excited because of all the joy, love and peace I have because of what Jesus did for me (you know the cross story).  Jesus is God and many really don’t believe that fact either.  Jesus made it possible to have all sin removed from us and not held against us.  Jesus made it possible to have eternal life.  Jesus bridges the huge gap between us and God.

But many people don’t believe this.  It’s your right NOT to believe any of the above mentioned things and I truly respect that…but before your life goes “poof” as all our lives will…it’s best to make sure you investigate all information to make sure you are believing the right thing…because you only get….”ONE CHANCE!”

the unsaved scary man gone

The afterlife is a mystery because no one has really come back and said what they saw.  So we don’t really know.  The oldest book that has survived years of people trying to dispute it is the bible.  It is the main clue to the afterlife.  When one read this very mysterious book with an open mine…God will reveal Himself to you through a very unique person called the Holy Spirit.  He WILL confirm in your spirit/soul/mind that this is truth.  This is a supernatural experience!

After you genuinely believe what the bible reveals to you…your eyes and ears will be opened and you will know the truth and you aka “your soul” will be set free.  If you don’t believe in the bible and Jesus Christ then nothing will happen….period.

Some people believe that there is no God or that there’s no need to do anything about Him right now.  We live on earth a short 70-100 years and we live in eternity forever.  There are 2 parts of eternity…Heaven and hell.  Many don’t believe in Hell either or that a good god wouldn’t let people go there.  Are you “sure” about your facts?  You don’t get another chance to make a different choice.

Why am I even bothering to write this at this time of the end of 2013?  You don’t know me and I don’t know you…but I pray for you every day.  I pray because I have the most incredible peace and I have had many visions and supernatural experiences with God and I know that this is all “real”.

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I think about people’s lives that are gone so quickly and they didn’t get a chance to think things through.  You have that chance right now.  The Lord told me that those who are His will have a blessed year.  When I think of the people who are on their own without this supernatural help, protection and blessings…I feel sad so I wrote this blog today.  I’m not expecting for hundreds to suddenly change their minds….after all you have lived with your beliefs and many are very passionate about them.  I’m just asking to think about what I’ve shared with you…. because nobody gets a second chance.  Its “poof”….and you’re gone.

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