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When Jesus was about to die on the cross He prayed a prayer…..”Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Luke 22:42 (NIV)

Jesus was fully man when He was on earth and felt many human emotions including…..suffering.

My thoughts about Jesus cup of suffering…..

Many interpret this passage as all the awful things Jesus Christ was getting ready to endure in the entire events of His, betrayal, torture, having God His Father turn away from Him as He took on our sin and execution…. And I agree with this assessment.  But there is another reason that I believe that may have caused Him a great deal of suffering because I just felt what He may have felt all these years later….the rejection of His sacrificing His very own life for our sins.

What if some of His suffering was that He knew some people would NOT accept what He was about to do for them and people in fact are going to reject Him?  Oooooh how this must have hurt Him? He had already experienced a great deal of rejection during this time.  How can all those people be praising Him and waving palms at Him one day and be yelling for a criminal to be freed from jail and shout for Jesus to be killed in His place?

I was speaking to someone about their relative today who is very old and sick.  I mentioned to them that I hope they know the Lord.  We got into a heated discussion about… “There is only one way to heaven”.  They said…” I can’t believe God would send this wonderful woman to hell because she was so good”.  She feeds the poor and does all kinds of great things for others and is such an outstanding person.

I said to this person…”we can’t get to heaven from good works that there is a gap between humans and God and that’s where Jesus comes in…that we need Him”.  This person got even more upset.  So I said these are not my rules they are in the bible…they’re God’s.  I can tell they were thinking or maybe they said it to me that… what kind of God would do that?  Of course we know all humans have a choice in what they want to believe.

I saw and truly felt the rejection today….not just from this person…but from all who reject the gift of eternal life from God.  After all they are rejecting my Father and His gift. It hurts to know someone I know may be destined for…..Hell.  Yes it sounds harsh…but it’s the truth of God’s word.

If one does NOT know God…who He really is then this is how you will think….that God is not…fair!  When you understand the total scope of who God is….when you understand His holiness, His mercy and His Justice….then you will “get it”.  Until then you are like a blind person spiritually.  Nothing anyone says contrary to your view can change your thinking.  It’s not until you turn into a…”seeker” that anything will begin to get through to your heart and mind.  Until then us Christians will seem like overzealous fanatics trying to indoctrinate you to some strange beliefs or myths.

In our minds and hearts…us Christians…. We are trying to share our knowledge of Jesus to save you from going to….here goes that word…”hell”.  I’m very shy and introverted…..Why in Pete’s name would I put myself out there for all the negativity?  Why do I even give a hoot and nanny about you and your family?  I could say… well I know where I’m going so the heck with you!  You all can go to hell if you want to!

I know that I was a sinner and needed to be saved from eternal damnation and I’m so glad Jesus forgave me.  I was forgiven and I am so loved by God.  I’m so blessed that I turned around and saw the world…the unsaved behind me and I’m running back to tell others about my good fortune!!!  I care about you!!!!  The bible also tells us to love others and share with them the good news of Jesus Christ….But I tell you I want to tell others because I’m sooooooooooooo blessed and want you to be too!

"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

What if Jesus felt this pain of humans turning their backs on His generous gift? Oooooh how this must have hurt Him? Jesus came down here on earth for one purpose and that was to save ALL of us!

 God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit are supernatural beings and the Bible is a mystery.  Only the seekers will find anything out about them.  A seeker is one who is looking for answers or looking for truth.  I’m not looking for any kind of argument at all and I respect one to have their own beliefs.  I feel that the time is short.  All kinds of unusual things are happening on this earth and most things are NOT good…everybody see’s that and I feel an urgency to speak up and speak out about certain things.