spiritual murtrity

I’m 61 years old and at this point in I’ve looked back on my life and noticed I’ve learned some things along the way and I would like to share it with you today.  God is working in me and it’s been a series of a trial/victory/trial/victory/trial/victory pattern.  This pattern helps us to grow in the Lord.

This is an amazing mystery in how God uses trials to purify us, change us, grow us, put wisdom in us, prune us, reduce us, build us up…higher…higher…another pruning…allow us to walk in Him…let us feel abandoned, fills us up, anoint us, pour into us, tries us hard….harder…harder still…increase us, ministers to us, test us…retest us all while comforting us, watching over us, guiding us and loving us ever so tenderly.

As a woman who has been tested and still being tested a lot… I have a few things that in looking back… I noticed what I need to watch out for or do in my spiritual life that has helped me over the years:

  1. The biggest setbacks happen when I’ve been sick or physically too tired.  This is when satan does his “GREATEST” attacks on me.
  2. The devil loves to get in the middle of my marriage and kids.  I like to repeat my wedding vows to myself often.  It helps me stay focused.  I see my kids as my first opportunity in evangelism.  I need to set an example.
  3. My prayer life is ALWAYS under attack and I should stay alert.
  4. I need to not be so needy.  Everyone can’t meet all my emotional needs all the time….only God can do that!
  5. I need to walk in the spirit as much as possible.
  6. Singing and music helps a lot to calm me down and encourage me.
  7. I need the word of God daily!  It’s like medicine for my soul.
  8. I found out that stress is bad for me.
  9. I need time for myself.
  10. I need to learn to encourage myself in the Lord very often!
  11. I have a favorite scripture that’s my theme for my life.  Everyone should have one!  Mine is 1 Peter 5:7 and Proverb 3:5-6.
  12. I’ve learned that everyone may not want to be to me… all that I need them to be in my life… to make me happy, complete or be a best friend to me.  I need to be complete in my Savior.
  13. I’ve learned that my best friend is Jesus every second of my life.
  14. I try to stay in this second…minute…hour…day with God and trust Him.  I need God so much and I don’t go way ahead of Him because that only brings on worry and fear.  His mercies are new everyday…I live in that!
  15. I need to manage my time well.  I do what I can do and try not to go beyond that.
  16. I’ve learned to say no!… when I have to and have learned not to feel guilty.
  17. I don’t pick myself apart and I try not to judge myself.  God through the power of Holy Spirit will show me and guide me in my areas of weakness.
  18. I don’t have to please everyone all the time.  That is so much pressure on my back that can weigh me down to the ground for sure.
  19. Lots of little things are the same as a big trial in my life.  Watch out for many little annoying distractions.
  20. I try to keep my emotions in check because they can lie to me sometimes and can get out of control.
  21. I think about heaven…my eternal home a lot.  It helps me to press my way through the many trials I have now. 
  22. I also think about all the power that is in the name of Jesus….and the super naturalness of God.
  23. I work on my doubts in God’s ability to bring me through ANY situation.  I know doubt is really bad for my life.
  24. Sin is a prayer blocker for sure.  I know I’m not immune from it.
  25. I dwell on past miracles that God has done for me.  It keeps hopeful in my heart and mind.
  26. I try to keep the negative things/ thoughts out of my space.  I try to watch happy and positive things on TV…be around positive spiritual people and I try to keep my house whole in a comforting relaxing atmosphere for me and my family,.
  27. I pray about everything!
  28. I take care of my body as much as I can.  I make sure to get regular checkups for everything and I make sure to take supplements as needed such as B-12, vitamin D3 and anything else that will keep this body in peak form.
  29. I start the day talking to God; prayer with my husband and scripture reading.
  30. I talk to God all day about everything.  It’s me and Him!  I find that the more that He’s involved with my day…the better I can get through it.
  31. I try to be like Christ….…and my life needs to be less about me and much more of Christ!
  32. My whole life is all about God!!!!!!!!!!  I’m His creation and this is His universe!  I am to bring Him glory with my life.  Not me…but Him!
  33. I have come to realize in a very deep way that God loves me so much and His motives for the success in my life is 100% pure and perfect.  He is not going to make any mistakes with me because….HE LOVES ME SO!!!!!!!!
  34. I try to serve others no matter how tired or weak I feel.
  35. I tell God how much I love Him constantly.  I give Him lot of praise and I worship Him until I have no strength left.  I tell you….He loves this and will show you His “Shekinah Glory” at times.  

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