Let’s start with the word…Easter!



 I will no longer be calling Resurrection day… “Easter” Sunday. In researching information for a Resurrection Sunday message for my blog I found out new information to me… that Easter is a pagan holiday name for the goddess of spring time named “Eastre or Eostre” which is celebrated on…you guessed it…Easter Sunday. This goddess loved rabbits and eggs were part of the spring celebration representing fertility. This is new to me and this information will change my thinking and words I used from this day forward.

I do celebrate Resurrection Sunday in church and later on we have dinner with all the trimmings with our family and friends. I know the Lord has no problem with that because He knows the truth of my heart and mind that I’m celebrating Him!


So what about the Chocolate candy, peeps, and baskets? When I was raising my 6 kids…we had some candy… but we were careful to pick out general kind of stuff. We didn’t do the eggs…but my mom would always have the egg dying over her house with my kids although she knew my thoughts on the matter. I didn’t let that be an issue because I loved my mom and she had fun doing that with them. I knew God was not going to get my mom for boiling eggs. My mom loved the Lord very much.

You have to be careful with your kids so they don’t feel totally different from what’s going on around them.  As Christian parents… it was our duty to teach our children the truth of God’s word so these kinds of things don’t influence them from being led astray from the real reason for our Resurrection Sunday celebration.


RESSURRECTION DAY parent teaching

We have to teach our children and grandchildren what Resurrection Day is really about and that it is more than the clothes, candy and baskets.


Back then Easter basket, Easter clothes, Easter eggs and Easter bunny was in my vocabulary and now it’s not. You live and learn and grow. Is God going to hold the past against me? No way…as we grow in knowledge and truth we learn and move on continuing to please our God.

So I will rejoice and celebrate Resurrection Sunday….formally known as Easter Sunday to me….with all the respect and seriousness this special refection of God love and forgiveness deserves. Amen!