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John 4:23  Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

What is worship?

1. Worship is….eat, breath and living Jesus!  Everything you do and everything you are is devoted to God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

2. Worship is humbling yourself every second of your life before the omnipotence and sovernity of the most powerful being in the entire universe and bowing to his majesty. 

3. Worship is submitting your whole body, heart and mind over to Him.

4. Worship is releasing your will for His will.

5. Worship is expressing your love and dedication to God by any means necessary to do it like singing, dancing, shouting, etc.

6. Worship is putting God first.

7. Worship is caring for and loving others.

8. Worship is putting God’s business before you business.

9. Worship is walking with God.

10. Worship is letting the whole world know….who your God is!!!!


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Worship God in truth is easy….Know your bible!!!!!!.  No bible…no truth….period.  You cannot speak about God without holding on to the truth of His word.  Everything us humans know about God is through His word…period!  Man cannot make up stuff about God!!!!  It’s a lie if he does!  Only the truth of God’s word stands.

Worshipping God in spirit is like this.  In order to worship God the Father of Jesus Christ and creator of the entire universe… you must be one of His children because worship in this human form requires the Holy Spirit who inhabits us when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Fact or FYI….God is a spirit!  The way to get in contact with Him or have a relationship with Him is spiritually.

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So let’s put these things together….In order to worship God…We must worship Him in spirit and truth.  This simply means you must be real with God.   You must worship God….FOR REAL!!!  God can spot a phony worshipper from 10 trillion miles away!!  You can’t fool God with fake worship.  You are just really having a good time with….yourself.  This will get you no brownie points with God… blessings….nothing.  You will have no anointing…..nope….people will see you as “self”.  Why is God looking for the true worshippers….because He’s trying to find the real you so He can fellowship with you.  So He can inhabit your praise.  So He can be to you what He planned from the beginning.  He can be your friend, Father, Savior, spiritual guide, comforter, provider, Sheppard, lover and most of all…He can be your….God!


P.S. – Get out your cell phone and take a spiritual “selfie” with God!!!!  Show it to everyone.  Post it on Facebook.  Put it on Youtube and share it around the world.  Show folks your Father God….and pray that it goes…..VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!  Now that’s worship!


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