me and Jesus

I suffer with two rare illnesses and I’m also a cancer survivor. I have lost sooo many friends over most of my life time from not being able to keep up, go out and be involved with others. Life has just marched right on by me. Friends have faded away and lost touch. I even wrote a song about it called “You gave me love”. You can find it on Youtube and Itunes. There has been some lonely times in my life but there has always been a person who has been there for me. I’ve had hope, encouragement, love and strength from this friend.

Although my health is still pretty crappy…my very best friend is still hanging tough with me. He is so beloved by me!!! When I visited this beautiful place here on Long Island there was a statue of my very best friend and I begged my son to take this picture. He said “mom that’s just weird.” I didn’t care…because it’s what I feel in my heart about…My very Best friend!

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