Psalms 85:6 Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?

What is the meaning of the word revival? It is the renewing, restoring and strengthening of something that was once vibrant, back to a place of importance, power, confidence and vitality. It’s a place of once being high in a certain area of life and then falling to a low point of complacency, going through the motions. Being unproductive and lifeless, to a place of restoration to the point you were at and even higher and beyond.

You have to want to be revived and feel that this is necessary to move you to the next level. A spiritual revival is for the children of God. It’s the hearts cry to be rejoicing in the joy and strength of the Lord once again. It’s the desire of one’s yearning heart to meet the Lord in a place of overflow in the Spirit and in the power of God. To live again under God’s powerful anointing.

Oh Lord…Revive my soul!

Revival comes out of a place of very sincere prayer for it. A prayer that ask God to clean you and wash you…. A prayer in which God searches your soul that you have laid out before Him in humility…. A prayer of true worship in spirit and truth…. A prayer of love for the master where if the Lord was standing before you…you would wash His feet with your tears.

You can pray for the Lord’s revival individually or as a group whose purpose is more of God, but you cannot make God bring on a revival just because you want one. There must be a spiritual purpose of admitting you need to be in a place with God that you once were and most important….you must humble yourself before our all-powerful and almighty God and submit, surrender and commit your total self to His will. You must desire to be Holy because He is holy.

True revival comes from prayer

I tell you…when the Lord sees the sincerity of your heart…REVIVAL WILL COME! Wait I say on the Lord. Be still, be humble, be prayerful, be watching and waiting for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in a special way.You will feel the power that floods your soul and you WILL REJOICE once more in His wonderful presence. You will feel His Shekinah Glory. You will sing, dance and shout for joy. Rivers of refreshing flowing waters will bubble up inside of you.

This anointing will spread to those around you…they will want what you have. You will go out and spread the good news and make new disciples. The Lord will rain righteousness down on you and will shower your soul with exceeding joy. You will have fellowship like you’ve never had before. You will walk with the Lord and He will pour His love on you and it will be great strength for you. When trials and tribulations come, your spirit will be encouraged and you will trust in the Lord like never before. The word of God will be so alive to you and your faith will soar.
So….is revival a good thing to desire? Oh yes…oh yes it is. You can start praying for it right this very minute.

Heavenly Father,

I’m asking you to revive those who are seeking more of you. Please send your power down on us today and revive our dry spirit man. Lord only you know what is in our heart and only you can bring us to a place of restoration. Please give us a fresh anointing. Revive our sleepy spirit. Wake us up into the renewal of your exceeding joy. Lord I thank you for what you are going to do in our lives. In Jesus name…Amen.

Message for today: Lord please revive me again, so that I may rejoice in you? (Psalms 85:6 )