Yes He can...and yes He did do this for me.

Yes He can…and yes He did do this for me.

My God and I have a very close relationship.  We talk on and off all day every day. I have a physical handicap and a lot of walking is a problem for me.   I depend of Him for everything even parking spaces.  I try to only ask Him when I’m doing His stuff or when I really don’t feel good.  I’m so amazed when a spot opens up and this doesn’t happen sometime…it happens all the time.  Now you may say that’s ridiculous to ask God for a parking space when there are so many other pressing things to pray about.  I tell you my Father God is concerned about everything about me.

I pray in my prayer closet….but I pray or just talk to God casually too.  HE is my very best friend.  I talk to Him about all my personal stuff.  He is in all my business!!  I want Him there….I need Him there!  I don’t consider God my buddy.  I never see Him like that.  There is a difference in how I look upon Him.  I see Him as my Triune God Almighty, Holy God. He is ruler and has authority over everything.  I see Him as pure love that covers me and makes me feel safe and secure.

I FEAR Him….I respect Him and most of all I worship Him.  I have a very personal relationship with all three of His separate entities within Him…but I know He is my ONE God.  Jesus reveals my God to me.  Jesus has done so much so that I could be a friend of God and not only His friend but His child.  The Holy Spirit has kept me on track in keeping me clean inside through Jesus so I can approach my Father and He keeps my open back and forth communication with God going.  God is Holy so I need to keep striving for that so I can come boldly into His throne room.

God of the parking space best 1

The Holy Spirit guides me into truth which I need to constantly talk with my God.  And when I’m upset or need His help supernaturally…the Holy Spirit is right there to comfort me….always.  God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…I have unique relations with them as they interact with me…but the big picture is God.  When I pray I mostly talk to God and address Him as God.  But in my heart I know that I’m dealing with all three.  I told God that it’s confusing sometimes when I first started praying after becoming a committed Christian in 1984, so to make it easier for me that I would address Him as God when I pray even though I know there is 3 of Him in one.  I always ask everything in Jesus Name because that’s what the bible says to do.  I call out to Jesus when I pray also.  I ask the Holy Spirit to help me as He is the one who guides and instructs me.

So to summarize my thoughts…My God is the God of parking spaces and so much more to me.  I feel comfortable with Him and include Him in my daily things.  I talk out loud to him (with no one around of course) and I talk to Him in my mind.  God can read minds!  So it doesn’t matter how you talk to Him just talk.  He set up this relationship with us for 24/7 contact.  You know you can go on Facebook all day and night and chat with someone.  Well you can do that with God too….but you don’t have to type…just think your thoughts…how cool is that?

Please try to get in touch with Him now…so that when you do get in a bind He’s right there for you.  If you have a dirty heart…unrepented sin in your life….well you have a problem.  God is Holy and HE cannot look upon ungodliness so your answered prayer or needed help…just ain’t gonna happen.  But thanks to Jesus Christ and your sincere repentance…you can reestablish you connection with God and get the help you need from our Father.  Now He may not do the parking space thing for you or He may that’s up to Him…but I KNOW He will be there when you need Him!!  Pray in His will and know what the bible says so you will know what His will is.  Happy Parking!

God of the parking space last

Even the Little cares. It tells Him you want Him in every area of your life big or small. It Helps you to establish an ongoing dialogue with Him.