Isaiah 6:1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.

God is a spirit so everything after this statement is what God has allowed me to know about Him as a point of contact and not His actual face to face appearance. The bible says no man will see God and live. Is it important to know what God looks like? No it’s not…it’s important that He is your God and His Son is your Savior. It is good though to have something in your mind to identify with Him. I believe that’s why God gave us many hints of His appearance in the bible.

When I became a committed Christian in 1984 I wanted to know what God looked like and I searched the bible to get a picture in my mind. I read He has hind parts, wings, a shadow, eyes, He can sit and He walks. God knew I was trying to see Him so He helped me in a unique way.

When I first started my prayer times with the Lord I used to have many visions of me in the throne room with Him. He was sitting on the throne and I did two different things when I was in there. The first vision He would let me brush His long hair,I had a special brush and I stood behind the throne and brushed His hair ever so lovingly. It was my way of ministering to Him. I never saw His face and that didn’t matter because I just wanted to be close to Him.

The second thing I would do was to polish the floor around the throne and I only did this in those early years when I felt I had sinned and it wasn’t pleasing to the Lord. He didn’t make me do this I wanted to do it and He allowed me. It was making me aware of my heart before the Lord. I was a baby Christian at the time of these visions. I now know my Fathers voice and He reveals Himself to me on a different level, directly from the Rhema word from the bible hidden my heart and by the power of the Holy Spirit convicting me.

God is so beautiful and you just know that as you interact with Him more and more. His essence and His love and kindness reveals this about Him. God is pure perfection and we in our sinful nature cannot see Him in these human forms (we can contact Him through prayer). But when God calls us home or Jesus comes to take us…….we shall see Him face to face in all of His Glory and splendor. Oh…I can’t wait to see face!

Message for today: Seek His face… won’t see Him face to face….but you can get close to Him because of His grace.