I'm understanding more and more Lord...what you did for me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I became a born again Christian in 1965 while watching Billy Graham on TV and a committed Christian in 1984. At the age of 13 years old I didn’t fully understand what happen to me except I knew I wanted Jesus to be in my life and I was very sorry for my sins. I fully believed in the Lord but did not commit all my ways to Him.

Then in 1984 when I committed myself fully to the Lord and put God first in my life I was totally sold out for Him and full of zeal. I shared my faith like crazy and everybody around me knew that I was surrendered to Christ.
In the past few years and even more so this year I have more of an understanding about the sacrifice Jesus made for me so that I can be put right with God. It all boils down to…..UNDERSTANDING WHO GOD IS and HOW MUCH HE LOVES ME.

I thought I understood about God coming down to earth in the form of a man…that Immanuel…God with us happened because of God’s deep love for the humans He created and He wants us all for Himself…so He made a way for us to be adopted into His family and live with Him forever. God Himself saved us for Himself and He loves us to pieces!

I’ve had a delayed reaction to my salvation. I get it….I get Him…God. No….I don’t understand everything about Him….No human can….but I’m getting to know more about Him every day. I believe you have to get to know Him without attaching our present troubles to Him. By this I mean… just love Him because He is God without always asking for things or thinking about all you’re going through. Love Him because He is God your Father. Love Him because of who He is. God is God…God is love….God is the creator….God is very powerful….God is perfect….God is incredibly unbelievably wise…..God is supernatural….God is extremely Holy….God is everything so much so that nothing comes after this sentence -“there are no words to describe His existence, Holiness or power”!! All you can do is ponder about His existence…and then nothing….there’s nothing else to describe or understand about Him. He is the alpha and the Omega…That’s it! Ponder this…meditate on this… and you will begin to realize who we are dealing with and this makes me tremble! It makes me feel secure…because this powerful being IS MY FATHER!

My salvation is important to me...It's your love for me...thank you!

There are just no human words that can express the awesomeness of His nature. When I ponder these things I get a delayed reaction to my salvation… which is that God planned for us and He Himself planned this elaborate act of love to make us His child and it was a plan that took His only son to come to earth and go through the whole death and resurrection experience for my eternal soul. This makes me cry good tears.

How can mankind think with our bad little selves…that we deserve to go to heaven with this powerful eternal Holy being without a price being paid? We owe God everything for this….but we did not pay a price. How can we jump up in Gods face and demand He give us eternal life? Who do we think we are? Did we create ourselves? If you believe we came from evolution …that could not have produced a soul. Evolved things don’t have a soul. Only God can produce a soul! Only God through His son Jesus can save a soul. We should be on our knees and bowing down thanking God for all He has done for us and praising Him for His holiness and I know I do and so many other do.

I’m never satisfied with my relationship with the Lord. I want to love Him more….I want to know Him more. It’s a continual hunger that I have for Him. One day all my love for God and all my praise and worship of God will be perfect. Right now I’m so thankful for Jesus and the Holy Spirit who is ever-present with me helping me be the best child of God I can be in my life… until the Father calls me home.

Every day I feel spiritual growth and sometimes I have setbacks. Even in my weakness… the Lord restores my soul. I feel blessed…I am blessed. I’m truly thankful for my salvation.

Message for today: Knowing God leads to a better understanding of our salvation…and that produces a very grateful heart. Thank you Jesus…I love you so!

You paid the price because you LOVE me!