heart jesus loves meThere was a time that I didn’t know how much God loved me.
I wasn’t’ sure of His love for me at all. I couldn’t see it or feel it.
Today when I was praying I was feeling His love so heavily.
I asked myself…”how do I really know that God loves me?”

Of course we know because the bible says He loves us.
But it is way deeper than that.

The first reason I know God loves me is because the more that I have studied about God and found out who He really is…the more that knowledge became real in my spirit and revealed truth to me!!!!!  The power of the Holy Spirit supernaturally confirmed this directly to me!!  God has a supernatural way that He communicates with me. I know that I know!

So for me….the more knowledge that I know about God…the more I feel His love and why He let Jesus do what He did for me!

The second reason I know God loves me is because of all the past miracles He did for me and also for the many victories he’s given me.
If I’m a Christian and I don’t know how much God loves I will faint…stumble….and doubt in His abilities to see me safely through my life. I WILL BE A VERY WEAK CHRISTIAN!
I really needed to share my revelation with you today. Be strong in God’s love!  God bless you!!!!!