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The week before New Year’s Day the Lord gave me the message I wrote warning about what will take place in 2015. Sad to say…this is the first week of the New Year and many things have happened already. There are 357 days left in this year… oh my Lord….Help us!   So far in Paris France many  top executives of a company were executed.

In the USA a man threw his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge, 2 sister kill their 16-year-old brother, there’s been many highway car pileups because of the severe weather, 2 cops were buried and 2+ more have already been shot this year in this country. I tell you this not to alarm you but to let you know just how serious life is now.   Many feel Christ return is very near. We don’t know the exact day of His arrival but we can recognize the signs of the times.

I want to say to you today to… Do God’s will! Obey Him! Know Him! Walk with Him! Listen to the Holy Spirit. Don’t get ready to go with Jesus….be ready!

last days

In light of what’s going on in this earth…..the things of this world don’t seem to be that important anymore. What’s important is our faith, family, friend, love, and life.  Money, cars, houses and things…not so much.

Mark 8:36 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

Let’s change our perspective on life and be more God minded and more heavenly minded. Let’s think about others eternal destiny and snatch them away from Satan’s grip. Life is very short and tomorrow is not promised to anyone!


last days 2

Are you ready?