Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,

Mathew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

In the Christian faith we believe that God is Triune or we say we believe in the Trinity ….simply put one God exiting in three distinct persons. The above scripture verses Has God explaining Himself in the plural and Jesus speaks of the three persons, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

There is only one God…..there are NOT three separate gods. Psalm 86:10 says He is God alone!!!!! Many people have argued about this fact and it has been difficult for some people to understand the concept of one God three persons. When my children were little I told them the egg story….there is one egg and it has a shell, a yoke, and an egg white but it is still an egg. It did calm their confusion over the thought of one God 3 persons.

I want to say for me …this has been one of the mysteries about God that is sometime hard to understand but this is how I make it work for me. I trust God and I trust His word and He describes Himself in the plural form so this is who He is for me. I feel if I over think this information it will start to be blurry in my mind and became a hindrance to me. There is no way my mortal brain can assimilate this information so I rather spend my time pondering His goodness and love for me.

When I talk to God I just straight out tell Him when I talk to Him I’m talking to them….Father, Son and Holy Spirit……I told God that I combine them when I address Him as God. It makes it easier for my brain.
There are times when the Holy Spirit Himself is ministering to me and I feel and know His distinct presence. Then there are times when Jesus and I are talking and He is so forgiving, loving and compassionate. Sometime I need my Father in heaven in His Father role to me. Although I have a relationship with them at different times…. in my mind I am very conscience at all times that they are one…they are God alone! You have to first study your bible to find out who each one of them are and then You must to spent time in prayer so you can get to know all three persons.

I personally find this attribute of God to be very exciting to me and it make me feel the uniqueness in who my God is. His nature is very complex and this makes Him so very special. I know I’m not dealing with the norm…the understandable…..your everyday earthly happenings…..I’m dealing with a totally supernatural being that nothing or no one can explain and I like it that way! I don’t think I could believe in an explainable God.

Ever hear of the show…Rippley’s Believe It Or Not?……It’s a TV show where they show you unbelievable things and you see it on TV and some of the things are so hard to believe but it’s up to us the viewers to believe it or not. Well God being 3 persons in one is also unbelievable, but I believe this wholeheartedly because the bible says this and the Holy spirit that lives in me has confirmed this in my spirit.

If….and that’s if you seek God you WILL find Him. He will reveal Himself to you…I’m not anymore special than you. Well if you’re not a Christian we are different and this is why God reveals Himself to me the way He does, But if you are not a Christian you can still seek God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and HE WILL! Please just try it ……you might think …….”well she’s wrong, I don’t believe in all that”….but what if I’m right? What have you got to lose? (Getting off the topic here because I care about everyone so much)

My final words on the subject of the triune God is don’t try to over think it just relax and know that we have an awesome very unique God and He is out of this world!!!!!!!!

Message for today: God accepts us for who we are….Let’s accept Him for who He is….One God three persons….not really shocking…more like AMAZING!!!!

I just have to include this video with John Starnes singing Holy Holy Holy…after you hear this rendition you really feel like worshipping our Triune God for sure.