We are connected to the Holy Spirit because Jesus promised to send another comforter and He came. When we repented of our sins and believed in Jesus...the Holy Spirit came inside of us and will be there for all of our earthly life. We ARE connected to the third person of the trinity. The connection is complete and I want to take in every benefit of this awesome indwelling.

2 Corinthians 13:14 May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

This whole week I’ve been blogging about the Holy Spirit.  I can’t stop thinking about Him. I’m so awed by whom He is and all that He does for me.  I reflected back on all the interaction I’ve had with Him.  My first big shocking interaction was when my husband spoke in tongues and then I did.  It was so shocking and so exciting.  I knew speaking in tongues was real because the language was so beautiful and I know I could not have made that up on my own.

The experience went through every part of my body.  I was so excited that all I wanted to do was pray to God.  The Holy Spirit also manifested Himself to me in other ways.  We truly have a very close relationship.  It wasn’t that He was only in me… but through me and all over me.

The Holy Spirit not only reveals Himself to me in prayer…but at so many other times…like when I found out I had cancer and when my children were in the intensive care.  His counsel to me has been incredible.  He advises me every day about something.  I have felt His arms around me when I needed comfort.

 In my singing ministry…I walk up to the microphone to sing and sometimes I’m not feeling up to par…I start singing and halfway through the song I feel the Holy Spirit fill me and I know then that the music has gone to another level.  I feel like we are singing and not just me.  I feel the congregation feels His presence too.  Sometimes I get so nervous before I have to sing and I ask Him if He’s with me and He makes me know in some unique way that He‘s with me.  Sometimes I can feel Him escort me up to sing and other times like I said…He manifests Himself while I sing.

My point in continuing to talk about the third person in the trinity is to show how much He does for us and how much we need to be aware of His presence in our everyday lives.

The Holy Spirit has even showed me a vision of Himself when I first committed myself to the Lord.  I will share this in my book when it’s published. I love Him so much.  He will always be with me and will be there the day I die which is so comforting to me.  I am always in the presence of my God.

Message for todayThe Holy Spirit is amazing. Get your consciousness to connect with Him in your spirit.  Know what the bible says about Him and then make every effort to commit yourself to becoming more aware of His constant presence in your life.

Be filled with the Spirit!!