Psalms 85:6 Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?

The Holy Spirit is there to guide me into doing the right thing. When I don’t do the right things and I sin…He points this out to me. I want Him to because I want to be right with God. I ask God to forgive me in Jesus name and Jesus washes me clean.

Because of the Holy Spirit’s work in my heart…I experience revival in my spirit. In fact I have lots of revivals. I don’t always stay this way…but I seek to be right with my God. I have my revivals right in my own home… in my room. My husband has come home from work many times and has seen me so caught up in the spirit. In my prayer times… I ask the Lord to forgive me and I begin to worship Him. You see… the Holy Spirit in me helps me to see my wrongs. After I repent…I feel this freedom and love from the Lord and in my interaction with Him… He manifests Himself in my life and I feel a revival in my spirit. As The Holy Spirit fills me to overflow… I feel the presence of God in a supernatural way. I good-cry a lot during these times…sometimes speak in tongues…sometimes I can say no words and just enjoy their presence…sometimes I receive visions and or messages.

My soul is so revived after these times. I always want to have these times in church…but I can’t do this by myself in church. I’ve had a few times when it has happen to me and I just go into the fellowship hall and have a brief timeout and calm myself down and go back into the service. There have been times in my past when the congregation has gotten very close to a group revival.

I’ve only had one experience of a revival like I have by myself in a group and that was at a meeting that another woman and I had with the girls in our choir because a few of them had gotten caught up in the Spirit at our church service a few night before.  We wanted to explain to them what had happened that night…but our group of girls, me and the other woman got filled up all over again for hours. We were praying, crying, singing, and praising God…some just laid on the floor. It was so incredible!!! It was like being in a womb…feeling safe and secure. Nobody wanted to stop or leave.

Lets all join together and pray for revival. It starts with ourselves first!

Revival is not a scheduled meeting but an unexpected visitation from God resulting from an earnest desire to seek His face and be in His presence. God will ALWAYS show up this way when we earnestly seek Him with a clean heart.

Message for today: Revival starts with you and it can happen to a group of people and spread. Let’s all pray for the Holy Spirit to move in people’s heart, mind and spirit. Let pray for truth…let’s pray for revived lives. Wake up…Wake up and be revived. Can the church say…Amen?