Knowing God 6

                         How close can we be to God?


Philippians 3:10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

To know means to experience, to be aware of, to clearly understand, know well assuredly, to take notice of, to become familiar with, perceive directly, to recognize the nature of, to be acquainted with, to comprehend the nature of someone., to gain knowledge or facts about someone, to get information in to your mind about a subject, to understand something, to become aware of, to be certain of something,

The definition of intimate to be close to someone in a personal, familiar and very private way. To be connected mentally and have a physical and emotional relationship with a person.

Knowing God 2

That I may know Him is a very intimate statement. THIS IS MY PRAYER FOR EVERYONE that you will know God intimately! I have spent a lot of prayer for others to obtain this relationship with God. I’ve also tried to express this through my teachings, blogs and in my music. There is no other relationship in this universe as important as knowing God. John 17:3 And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.


Knowing God 9But how do you get to be personal with God when He is invisible and doesn’t speak in an audible voice to us.   The answer to this is an easy one. Through prayer and bible study. Sounds really doable but in reality it’s something that takes time and patience to accomplish. But when this relationship gets really going as you grow in the Lord…oh my goodness! James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you……

Knowing God 5

I have this relationship with God now but I tell you….I have to Stay in prayer and bible study to keep it fresh in my life. God is always available for intimacy with us 24 hours a day. I on the other hand have distractions from life’s daily stuff, I have the enemy trying real hard to keep me doubting and distracted and I have stuff that I do that keeps me busier than I need to be. I need to make room for the Lord in my heart and in my life. Even in my marriage and my great relationship with my husband we have to continually stoke up the flames of love because as humans our relationship can change and grow cold. Let me make this clear… God’s love will NEVER grow cold toward us!!! We can in fact grow cold towards him. Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

There is another important fact here…you’ve got to WANT to be involved with the Lord! God very patiently waits for us to be involved with Him but we’ve got to desire or long to have a close relationship with Him. Psalms 42:1 …As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.


You need to understand these 4 things about God to develop a close relationship with God:

  1. Who He is.
  2. What He’s done for you.
  3. How much He loves you.
  4. All He has planned for you.

You will fall at His feet in your heart and this will draw you into wanting a close relationship With God. Our relationship with God is very supernatural. People who are not a Christian and even weak Christians can’t understand the whole concept of having an intimate relationship with a God you can’t see.

[Side note: When I talk about God I’m talking about the triune God including Jesus and the Holy Spirit]

Knowing God 8

Keep your mind on God.  Keep interacting with Him 24/7.rea


Do you realize that when you became a Christian, God came to live inside of you! How close is that??? We have a symbiotic relationship with God by way of the Holy Spirit. (Definition of symbiotic: The intimate living together of two dissimilar organisms. i.e. flesh and spirit) Sometimes it can be a mutually beneficial relationship. We have a great need of this relationship and it benefits us humans greatly. Sometimes in our obedience to God we can be a benefit to the Holy Spirit by speaking to people about Jesus.

It’s a strange thing when you ponder the fact that God is in us and we can interact with Him in such a unique way. It’s nothing to be afraid of! It’s something that all of us should pursue and want.

There are a few reasons why I love God so much and I have shared this before but I feel the need to share it again. The first reason is that God healed my mind from severe depression and saved me from several suicide attempts. I’m whole and I happy inside of my heart and mind….I have peace…I have hope…and I know the love of God…wow! The second reason is that I had a vision and experience where I was praying so hard and I was transported into a trancelike vision. I was going through this tunnel towards heaven and I felt the love of Jesus very powerfully. When I felt that I went faster toward the tiny drop of light the size of the tip of a needle. The love was a million times more powerful than any earthly love. Then all of a sudden water came rushing in the tunnel and I was back in my room and so upset because the kind of love I felt makes you not want to be here but to be where the most powerful love is. This is what’s in store for me when I get to heaven. When I think about my mom who is in heaven now is receiving this powerful love from God, I’m so happy for her and it makes me want to love God now as passionately as I can!

Why wait until you get to heaven to love God like crazy. Love Him like that now. I’m married, but I tell you…even if you’re single and a Christian…you have the greatest love in your life right now!!!!  Take time to enjoy the love of God.

These are the words to a song called “Real Love” written by Kirk Franklin that I sing with the deepest passion from my heart:

Knowing God 1

Jesus is REAL LOVE!!!

Real love

Look in my eyes and you will see
The way real love used to be
When the flowers bloomed in the spring time
And happiness was all mine
It’s hard to let my feelings show
But I’ve got to let somebody know
About the love that Jesus has given me
He loosed my shackles and set me free

Is this a dream or is it reality?
Have I finally found someone who loves me?
I just want to know

Have you ever loved somebodyj
Will you ever love somebody
The way that Jesus loves you

Over and over I ask myself
Could there ever be anyone else

Who can give me so much joy and peace
And make every day oh so sweet
I searched all over couldn’t find one
Til I met His only begotten Sonnail
At first I didn’t understand
Until I heard about the nail prints in His hands

Is this a dream or is it reality?
Have I finally found someone who loves me?
I just want to know
I just want to know
I just want to know

Can I ask you a question….Do you have an intimate relationship with God? Or is it a lukewarm relationship but you do go to church often and read the scripture once in a while and pray when there’s a need, a meal or crisis. I’m not trying to come down on anybody but the whole reason for this long blog today is to get others to crave knowing God like you need air to breath or food to eat. I pray for you to desire more of God with everything that is in you. This doesn’t benefit God…but it benefits you sooooo much! My daily life has been and is very difficult because of my many physical challenges and crisis’s. Life is difficult in general. Our country, this world and this planet are going through many critical changes that affects all of our lives. WE NEED GOD!!! We need to be closer to Him and more involved with Him.

Dear God…Please help those who want to draw closer to you to let their guard down and dive right into your presence. Draw them closer by the power of Holy Spirit. I ask in Jesus name…Amen.




Knowing God 7